Printable Gift Wrap!

Hi Friends, I have a super easy DIY Gift Wrap idea for those of you that still have presents to wrap this holiday season. Just print off one of these patterns or create your own and you have cute, modern gift wrap. This won't work for big gifts unless you get them printed on super... Continue Reading →


DIY Plant Hanger!

Hi Friends, I've got a super easy DIY project to share with you all. I followed the directions from Almost Makes Perfect, but also made it my own by changing it up a bit. DIY Plant Hanger Supplies Cotton Filler Cord/Piping (6/32" or something close to that size) - I used 10 yards Key ring Scissors... Continue Reading →

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging!

Hi Friends, It's been a while since I posted anything so I thought I'd share this awesome DIY I did over the weekend. Woven Wall Hangings are super popular right now, so naturally I wanted one. I just didn't really feel like splurging on it, because it's not something I necessarily need. And then I... Continue Reading →

DIY Marble Platters!

Happy Friday Friends, I've got what is possibly the easiest DIY ever for you guys. Want to know something else? This seriously didn't even cost me a thing. Of course that may be due to the fact that I have access to some leftover tile and my husband has just about any material I could... Continue Reading →

DIY Neutral Fall Wreath!

Hi friends, As you may already have noticed, I'm all about neutrals this season so naturally I'd want a pretty neutral wreath for the front door. The only trouble I had was finding one I liked and didn't have to spend a lot on. That's kind of a hard thing, since the only ones I... Continue Reading →

Up-cycled Terra Cotta Planters!

Happy Tuesday friends, To keep things a bit more organized I've decided to post every Tuesday now, that means I'll definitely be posting every week so wish me luck since I haven't been posting all that much. I've been really busy lately working on our outdoor space and planting new things every week. I never thought... Continue Reading →

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