Maine Christmas Card Pictures!

Hi Friends, I have so much to catch up on here you guys, but I thought I'd just share some photos we took in Maine for our Christmas cards for now. Also I'm revealing my Christmas cards at the end of this post! We take pictures in the fall or winter every year for our... Continue Reading →


Colorado Mountains Getaway!

Hi Friends, I wanted to share some photos with you guys from our trip to Colorado last weekend. We couldn't take the Oklahoma heat any longer so we decided to go up to the mountains to get away from it. While it was only a 4 day trip, it was good to take a break for a... Continue Reading →

Oregon Coast Stay!

Hi Friends, I promise I'm almost done with all my vacation posts, but hey there's a lot happening when you get a month off. We couldn't stay away for a whole month, and I'm at the office as I write this, but it's nice to be able to enjoy time off and just stop by... Continue Reading →

Crescent City, CA adventures!

Hi friends, As promised, here is a recap of our short stay in Crescent City, CA. When we woke up in Crescent City we were beyond excited to finally be able to put on some warm sweaters, grab some coffee, and go for a walk on the beach. After the beach we drove around looking... Continue Reading →

Scenic Highway 101!

Hey guys, If you read my previous posts, you already know that me and my husband took a road trip to the West Coast. We drove to California and from there along highway 101 all the way up to Oregon Coast. We took a slight detour and spent a few days in Portland with relatives... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Trip Recap!

Hi guys, Hope you all are having a good week. I'm still on vacation so my week is pretty fantastic. I've been sharing snapshots of our trip on social media but I have way more pictures and fun stuff to share. Today's post is all about our adventures in San Francisco. It's such a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Dallas Weekend Recap!

Hey guys, I've been thinking that I need to post more often, so I'm trying to work on that. We will be taking a trip to the West coast at the end of August, so I'll be sharing some of our travels with you guys, but in the meantime how about our latest getaway. If you're following... Continue Reading →

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