Colorado Mountains Getaway!

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share some photos with you guys from our trip to Colorado last weekend. We couldn’t take the Oklahoma heat any longer so we decided to go up to the mountains to get away from it. While it was only a 4 day trip, it was good to take a break for a few days.


Beautiful mountain views from the condo!

We found a condo with amazing mountain views in Keystone, CO so that’s where we went. The mountains are so beautiful in the summer, and the weather is just the best. It was a privately owned condo that I rented through airbnb and it was a very great experience overall. I didn’t get any photos because it was late when we got there, and after the first day you kind of forget about the condo and just want to get out and explore.




We went on the lifts to the top of the mountain!


Since Keystone is a busy resort town, there was plenty to do there even in the summer. We basically spent the whole time exploring nearby towns and taking a whole lot of photos of the beautiful scenery.








I took photos and my husband got to fly his drone, which is something we don’t get to do very often in our everyday life.


Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!





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