DIY Plant Hanger!

Hi Friends,

I’ve got a super easy DIY project to share with you all. I followed the directions from Almost Makes Perfect, but also made it my own by changing it up a bit.


DIY Plant Hanger


Cotton Filler Cord/Piping (6/32″ or something close to that size) – I used 10 yards

Key ring




  1. Cut your cord into six pieces, depending on the length you want your hanger to be, and leave some extra cord out (you can cut it into 7 pieces and put the 7th piece to the side).
  2. Line up your 6 pieces and tie an extra piece of cord around to secure them and make a tight knot.
  3. Separate the pieces into pairs and tie a knot at the same height on each pair.
  4. Now take one piece from one pair and one piece from the another pair and tie a knot, repeat with the other pieces and make sure they’re at the same height. You can also use beads instead of knots (see the tutorial on Almost Makes Perfect).
  5. Put your plant inside the hanger and take the pieces at the top and put them through the key ring. Tie an extra piece of cord around them tightly and cut off any extra cord.
  6. After I finished mine, I realized it was shorter than I wanted so I added extra cord to the top making another knot in the middle. I think it kind of works since the whole thing is made of knots anyway.

That’s it, now hang your plant and enjoy.

❤ Julie


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