DIY Marble Platters!

Happy Friday Friends,

I’ve got what is possibly the easiest DIY ever for you guys. Want to know something else? This seriously didn’t even cost me a thing. Of course that may be due to the fact that I have access to some leftover tile and my husband has just about any material I could possibly need in his shop, but I promise this DIY is still awesome.

I should probably start by telling you that I have been obsessing over cute marble platters, that every single store seems to carry these days. Then of course I don’t buy them, because I can’t really justify spending $20-$30 (or $50 or more in stores) that I don’t technically NEED. Especially when we have marble tile laying around the shop. So this is why I decided to just make my own platters.


Marble Tile (as many as you want to make)

Protective Clear Sealer

Rubber Bumpers

Gloves (you don’t want to get the sealer on your hands)

Rag, brush, or sponge


    1. Clean your marble tiles and let dry completely.


    1. Put on gloves and get a rag, paintbrush, or sponge and get some of the sealer on it.
    2. Start working the sealer into the marble until it is completely covered and looks wet.


    1. Let it sit for 24 hours.


    1. Flip the tiles over and put rubber bumpers on each corner.


    1. And you’re done!


How simple was that?

I currently have both of these displayed in my kitchen and just love them so much. They look really great with my copper and gold accents.

I also love using them as trays or platters to serve snacks on.


Hope you liked this DIY. Let me know in the comments below.

❤ Julie


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