Living Room Decor Inspiration!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been really excited about updating my living room décor over the past few weeks. I’m always really excited to decorate just about anything, but this is kind of special because I finally get to buy a new coffee table. I sold the coffee table and end tables I had, so now I can start fresh, and that’s a pretty good feeling. Of course I have a pretty good idea of what I want, but there are still too many options out there to fully make a decision. I did put together a wish-list of sorts to help me stay on track with my décor and just have all my inspirations in one place.

Living Room Inspiration Wish-List
1.Metal Spindle Coffee Table  2.Nate Berkus™ Citrus Verbena Filled Candle 3. Admiral Hanging Mirror 4.Nate Berkus™ Soft Woven Fringe Basket 5. Threshold™ Oversized Plaid Throw Gray 6.Threshold™ Plaid Throw Pillow  7. Nate Berkus™ Glass Decal Tray  8.Threshold™ Hourglass Accent Table (not the one pictured) 9. Nate Berkus™ Woven Fringe Pillow  10. Threshold™ Frame Shiney Silver – 5X7   11.Threshold™ Plaid Throw Pillow  12.Copper Task Lamp with White Marble Base

What do you guys think? Do you save pictures of everything you want for inspiration too or am I the only one? I think I have more pins and screenshots on my phone than anything else.

❤ Julie


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