DIY Neutral Fall Wreath!

Hi friends,

As you may already have noticed, I’m all about neutrals this season so naturally I’d want a pretty neutral wreath for the front door. The only trouble I had was finding one I liked and didn’t have to spend a lot on. That’s kind of a hard thing, since the only ones I liked were generally about $60 and my budget was more like $30. I decided to just make my own, but didn’t take any pictures of the process. Then my husband showed a picture of my wreath to his mother and she loved it, so I had a reason to make another one, for my mother-in-law. I have yet to give it to her, so hope she likes it!


Before we get started, please excuse my slightly blurry pictures. I took them pretty late in the day, and we all know lighting is everything when it comes to pictures.

Here are the materials I used, this is an 18 inch grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby (all the flowers are from there as well ).


I bought 2 small bouquets instead of individual flowers, because it ended up being cheaper that way (it’s not always the case though). I like to try different combination while at the store and see what works before I buy it. I’m pretty sure people at Hobby Lobby think I’m crazy, I walk back and forth trying out all the flowers and usually end up with a big pile in the back of the store as I’m putting together a wreath (I put the ones I don’twant back).

The first thing I do is lay out the greenery and secure it with floral wire (you can use a hot glue gun, but I prefer floral wire, I used these). Since the stem of the greenery is brown, I just put it through the entire wreath without cutting it.


Next, I add some type of filler, I put one stem on each side (and once again put the entire stem through) and secure it with floral wire.


And then I start adding the flowers. I disassembled the bouquets so I could work with individual flowers.


I’m sorry I couldn’t get any more pictures of the process, at this point there was zero daylight left, and I was working in a room with the worst lighting. All I did next though, was arrange the flowers and pumkins in a pretty way. Just keep in mind that I secure everything with floral wire as I go. Some flowers have wires and it’s enough to just use those, but sometimes you need an extra piece to secure everything tightly.

Once I’m done I move the leaves and fillers around (they can bend in any direction) until I’m satisfied. And here is the finished wreath.




Hope you enjoyed the post!

❤ Julie


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