This Weeks Fitness Tip!

Hi guys, 

Today’s post is about abs, because let’s face it they’re kind of a big deal. We’ve all heard that abs are made in the kitchen, and I completely agree with that statement. Unless you naturally always have a perfectly flat stomach, you aren’t getting abs by just doing crunches.
image Speaking of crunches, they do play a part in having great abs and you shouldn’t just forget them altogether. Crunches and other ab exercises will help define your abs after the cardio and diet do their work. I do 100 crunches after cardio every day, then do a few sets of different ab workouts. I’m nowhere near close to having the abs I want, but that’s where I need to step up my diet game.

While crunches and ab workouts will do a lot in defining your abs, you need to confuse your body to see results. You can use a stability ball or weights to make things more challenging, and just like with any workout change it up as much as you can. There are tons of ab exercises you can do besides crunches, some of my favorites are Russian twist, bicycle crunches, leg raises, and a variety of planks. I also do many different types of crunches like oblique, vertical leg, reverse, or side crunch just to name a few. 

Hope you all are liking my fitness posts. If there’s anything specific you have questions about, I’d love to talk about it in one of my future posts. So be sure to let me know in the comments.

❤ Julie 


3 thoughts on “This Weeks Fitness Tip!

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    1. Hi Madeline, I do regular, reverse (where you raise your knees), vertical leg (your legs are up the whole time), bicycle, sit-ups (you touch your knees as you go up), long arm crunches (you fully extend your arms and legs on the floor and go up and down with arms and sholders). Also a twist crunch, where you have your right elbow touch your left knee, then the oposite. The right way to do these crunches is to try to have your shoulder touch the knee.

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