Tips to Styling a Coffee Table!

Hi guys,

I seem to cover just about every topic on here don’t I? I asked my husband what my main focus should be, and he said decorating. He thinks I’m pretty good at it, which does make me quite happy. It also makes me want to do a lot more blog posts about decorating, so consider yourselves warned.

Coffee table styling is so easy, yet it tends to get complicated when it starts collecting clutter. I personally can’t stand clutter and prefer as little as possible “stuff” on my coffee table. So I’ll share my basic formula. By the way, if you can help it, don’t get a black, glass coffee table. Trust me, no matter how much you clean or dust it, any small amount of sunshine will make it look like it hadn’t been cleaned in months.


I start with fresh flowers or a plant. It’s good to have a natural element or something green for that fresh and natural feel. If you don’t bother with plants or flowers you can use a boxwood sphere or a bowl filled with decorative moss balls.

I also like to have a small stack of books or magazines, they’re good for that extra height you need as well as for guests to flip through every once in a while.


Another thing every coffee table needs is a unique and interesting object or 2.


And finally a catch-all piece like a tray, a bowl, or a box. We don’t have a TV in our living-room so I don’t need a place to hide remotes, but a pretty box is a perfect solution for that.

❤ Julie


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