Fourth of July Party 101!

Hey guys,

With July 4th being this weekend, I think it’s only fitting that I do a post on how to throw the perfect party. Especially since I don’t get to do a party of my own (sad face). I really need to get out more and make some friends my age in Tulsa, so I can start throwing some parties. But at least I’ll share my ideas with you guys right?

On the top of my list is always the décor and food. I feel like people can keep themselves entertained just fine by talking to each other, so I just concentrate on those two things. You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations and supplies to make it fun and festive, and there are plenty of ideas on pinterest to do just that. There are also many different types of parties you can throw, but my favorite is an outdoor BBQ style. So read on for my top pinterest ideas.

Love the watermelons and the fries idea. Pulled Pork with colesaw, corn on the cob, real Coke

Even if you want to keep it low-key and hassle-free you can still add a little frill to your party. Here are my top pinterest ideas for simple, inexpensive décor.

Gather up all your festive baskets, or any random buckets and containers for fun ways to display items.

Vintage Americana 4th of July Party by Lisa Frank + Lia Griffith: hot dogs wrapped in brown coffee filters/patterned papers/twine with mini gingham jars of ketchup ||  kraft paper chip bags: tutorial at
Fourth of July Party-- great for keeping salads cold and this idea.
Patriotic Berry Trifle in a jar, layers of angel food or pound cake, berries, and pudding. #patriotic #memorialday #july4th
cute table Ideas

Dress up your tables with a cute and fun centerpiece (I pretty much always use flowers).

Fill vases with blue food coloring. These are Fourth of July decorations, but I think it would be just as cute for the center pieces at my wedding!
Tips for the best Fourth of July party your friends have ever been to!
Adorable 4th of July appetizer display of feta & watermelon (and blueberries)

Serve drinks with a “Red, White, and Blue” twist.

Independence Punch: Cranberry Juice, Blue Gatorade(Frost Flavor), Sprite, and ice cubes.
Watermelon Lemonade - will be making this for 4th of July!
Make patriotic water bottles for your 4th of July party.

Create a fun treat bar.

You can set up this easy Ice Cream Bar in just minutes with cute #PickYourPlum cups!
25 Fourth of July Food Ideas. Get planning!
pretty little things: Fourth of July/Lobster Bake

End with one big “Festive” dessert.

Red, White and Blue Desserts | Create Craft Love
the winthrop chronicles: American Flag Pie I wish I had 4th of july parties to go to so I can make lots of fun food for them!
Awesome Paleo and Gluten-Free Vegan 4th of July Dessert Recipes

Hope you enjoyed this post, and for even more awesome ideas be sure to visit my Pinterest 4th of July Board.

❤ Julie


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