Holiday Home Tour!

Hey guys,

I know it’s pretty late in the season to be doing a home tour, but better late than never right? Christmas time is my favorite time of year. I love going to see the lights and doing holiday shopping, but my absolute favorite is to be at home in the evenings with all the lights and candles lit up. I literally just stand there and take it all in every day.

Now, back to my holiday decorating, I decided to go with a nature-inspired theme this year. So, let’s begin our tour.

There’s not much room to decorate in an apartment, but I wanted the porch to look at least a little festive.



The first thing you see when you walk in is the tree, but I will show you that at the end. Let’s move on to the living room.


I kept it simple, with some natural elements. I also changed out the pillows to a more neutral palette, and added my pearl decorative balls to the end tables.


On the wall you see the Christmas Song printables I did a few weeks back, and I added a vase with some greenery I got for free at Home Depot.


That little fox from Target inspired me to add a little woodsy feel to my theme.


The dining table also got a little bit of greenery and pinecones.


Last, but not least, my tree. It is a fake one this year. We wanted the natural smell (why I got all that greenery at Home Depot) but we also wanted something small and easy to deal with for our first tree.



As you can see, I kept the same theme all around, the pinecones, pearl balls, and pearl garland adorn the tree as well. I also used some birds and forest critters as ornaments to keep up the natural and woodsy theme. That owl just seemed like a good tree topper to me.

I also added a couple of cork squares on the wall to the left to display my holiday cards.

Now, because every tree looks way better when it’s lit up, here’s a shot from my instagram feed:


Hope you enjoyed the tour.

❤ Julie


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