Thanksgiving Excitement!


I can’t help but be excited to be doing thanksgiving at my parents’ house this year. We’re going to be there for most of the week so that gives me a good few days to plan out the table settings and décor. Have you thought about how you’re going to be decorating the table for the big meal?

I’m considering doing the food buffet style just so I can make the table settings and the centerpiece really spectacular. We’re talking a HUGE floral centerpiece with other natural elements that will take up most of the table. Not to mention place cards and pretty table settings. Place cards are not a thing we do, but my sister in law did them last year, and i loved it. Usually we don’t have a very formal Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m hoping to do just that this year.

Will the whole family argue with me about all my ideas? Most likely. Will I get my way? We’ll see.

❤ Julie


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