Transitioning Into Fall!

Hey guys,

I finally got the courage to post something. So here it goes.

I have been slowly updating our apartment for fall and thought I’d share my progress.

My challenge was to keep the color pallette I already had going on. I wanted to keep the pillows I had for spring and summer so I needed to make them work for fall. The whole thing was super easy to do, I really just switched out the accessories.

The picture below is what it looked like most of spring and summer (except for the dining table in the back, this picture was taken after I started to switch to fall).


Now here is my fall picture. I decided to use blue and gold and the whole thing just came together perfectly. It even looks better than it had in the summer.


All I did on the end table was switch out the books to get rid of the bright colors and add a pumpkin and a candle instead of the plant.

I did the same thing with the second end table. I find that I like keeping things very similar on both sides, but to have them look different at the same time. And my paintings finally match the rest of the decor. Yay! They are there because I was in a mood for painting. They’re not exactly what I would call great art, but I actually kind of like how they look with the fall décor. They will have to go when I change out the pillows though.



The coffee table was also updated by switching out the small things. I’m one of those people who hate clutter, so I keep my coffee table clean and simple.



I just love the blue pumpkin I got from Hobby Lobby. And the gold decorative balls are from my wedding, I knew they’d come in handy one day.

I’ll be sticking to the same colors for the holidays, because I love how soft and natural everything feels.

❤ Julie


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